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Studio Musician & Film Actor

Justine Lucas has performed on numerous albums as a studio musician doing backing vocals, mandolin, and fiddle soloing.With an ability to sing in any genre, collaborate and come up with harmonies on the spot, and blend her voice with the tonal quality of any lead singer, she is an ideal studio musician. She also has experience improvising, creating dialogue, and doing voice-overs for film.

Below are some samples of her work.

Studio Portfolio


JazzVocal example:

Rock Vocal example:

Pop Vocal example:

Bluegrass Vocal example:

French Vocal  & Violin Solo example:

Country Vocal, Mandolin, & Violin Part Compositionexample:

Folk Band Vocal & Guitarexample:


for bands:

(backing vocals & mandolin)

for solo artists:

(backing vocals & fiddle)



Pay Rates:

•  Studio mandolin/fiddle rate is $60/hour
•  Studio backing vocals rate is $75/hour
        - plus a $20 call-out fee
        - and a two-hour minimum call

•  Acting rate is $30/hour


•  $200 for a 6 hour film shoot
•  $200 for a 4 hour mando/fiddle session
•  $200-300 for a 4 hour vocal session

Studio Session Musician Standards:

"Although it may vary among states, the standard rate for a session musician is about $100 per hour. There is a minimum three-hour call, which means that even if you are only needed for 15 minutes, you are still entitled to $300." 

- Music Industry Inside Out


•  Hours include any in-studio preparation or rehearsal time as directed by the artist client. For your own benefit, it is best if you (the artist) print out lyric sheets and/or music sheets beforehand, and have the engineer set up the microphones prior to session musician arrival.

•  Justine Lucas will not smoke on film, and cannot be around any smokers or smoking in the studio or on set

•  Justine Lucas will work for up to 8 hours per film shoot, including a paid 30 minute lunch break and two paid 15 minute breaks per session.

• Justine Lucas will work for up to 6 hours per studio session, with a full day in between sessions to rest her voice. She will not sing for more than 1 hour straight or 3 hours total per studio session.

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