The Musical Life of Justine Lucas

Here I'll be writing about my musical experiences in California, traveling in the US and Canada, and interesting characters I meet along the way. I'll also be sharing my thought process in songwriting and new music artists I discover.

Vlog #3

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Vlog #2

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Vlog #1

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Drawing title cards for my next vlog ♦️ ♥️

As Simon makes bookmarks for friends 📖

At my new favorite cafe in Santa Cruz ☕️

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My favorites from Gaugin and Pissarro at the De Young Museum.

Boat painting by Gaugin—his earlier works are surprising to say the least. Impressionist and layered with deep value contrast and muted colors. Polar opposite from the fauvist work he’s known for.

Forest painting by Pissarro— not surprised. I just love Pissarro. I think he’s my favorite. I could just live in his paintings.

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Sculptures and lily ponds in Golden Gate Park

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This was a challenge… I had a little temporary hand injury just in time for the annual NPR Tiny Desk  Contest. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the contest, it’s an opportunity for independent artists to audition to play on NPR and go on a tour organized by them. 

How will I make a video of myself playing a song live with mostly just one hand? Pretty much all of my songs require a certain amount of two-handed technical skill on either guitar or piano or mandolin. 

I know… I’ll just play a flute with my toes! 

Just kidding. 

Thanks to good old trusty thumby here, it was actually quite easy. I chose my lightest instrument (the ukulele) and wrote a song just for the contest that was simple enough I was sure I could play it. I’m glad I was still able to participate in the contest this year. The show must go on! 

Oh and the contest requires that there be a desk somewhere in the video – this year I put a spin on it and used my painting easel as my “desk”. After all, that is where artists work!


I had written the song and submitted last week and just got the approval notice this morning! My video is now on their site, along with all the other approved videos. There are a lot of contestants this year. It’s a pretty awesome way to discover new independent music artists. 

You can see my submission here:

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Postcard writing cafe birthday morning 🍰

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I love my patrons!!

I have so much fun writing postcards to my art project supporters on Patreon every month. This month I’m writing in 3 different languages 🥰🧡

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Lands End

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